The key team at Q Scope Homes will carefully listen to your brief and from the very initial discussion, ensure delivery of this brief through the design, planning, approval and construction phases of the development.

The team will always be available to listen to your queries and help to guide you through the process. Our unique and personalised approach to building means that you will always have the one point of contact throughout the project.

At Q Scope Homes we challenge ourselves daily and strive to bring your concepts and ideas to reality. Whether it be an investment development or your dream home integrating a mix of building materials and cutting-edge finishes, with our tailored experience and can-do approach nothing is impossible.

So, give us a call and let’s get started!

Project Scoping

Following initial enquiry with Q Scope Homes, a Sales Consultant/Company Director will contact you and listen to your requirements and what you are looking for in your new home.

Project scoping

Design & commitment

Design & Commitment

Following the initial consultation, Q Scope Homes will prepare an initial budget/feasibility and sketch for the home and meet with you to review and ensure your design requirements and budget have been met.

Once the design and budget have been approved by the client the next stage is to enter into a Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA).


Following the PPA being signed, Q Scope Homes will arrange for a Site Survey and Site and Soil Report to be undertaken. These will allow Q Scope Homes to assess extent of siteworks required and also any specific engineering requirements.

During this stage the working drawings are also completed and the Building Contract is prepared.

Once all site conditions are known and working drawings completed Q Scope Homes will finalise and present the building contract for signing.


Selections & Final plans

Once the building contract has been signed its time to commence the selection process and finalise external finishes along with the interior design aspects of the home such as cabinet and electrical layouts and tiling extents.

Q Scope Homes will guide you through the process and provide one on one service at every stage.

We will then price any selections or design changes that are a variation to the contract drawings and specification.

Once all selections and variations are confirmed the plans and specification are updated and signed off by both the client and builder.

Whilst all of this is happenning the deposit payment is made and plans are submitted to shire for approval.


After the building permit is issued works can commence on site.

Progress claims will be issued at milestone stages and at those times you will have the opportunity to meet on site and check progress and shown through the home to view the works and ask any questions you may have.

Variations are permitted at any stage and Q Scope Homes will work with you to make sure any costs associated with the variations during construction are minimal.

Once all works are completed and ready for handover a final inspection will be done with Q Scope Homes and any defects found will be detailed and remedied.

After the defects are rectified and final payment made handover can occur and you are ready to move in!

Defect Liability Period

Q Scope Homes offer a 6 month Defect Liability Period (DLP) as standard on all new builds. At the completion of the  DLP you are able to send through a list of any items that need attention.

It is normal that through the settlement of the home there may be some minor cracking around the home and some doors may need to be adjusted and other minor items may need attention.

Q Scope Homes will complete all of these items at no cost.